It's Over...For Now

We think we’ve made our point.  Should it become necessary to add even more powerful content we will.

Believe us, we have it.

We want to remind you about the comments you’ve made regarding other people’s appearances over the years.

This is but a tiny sampling of our very large archive:

Nathan Fillion: “If he gets any fatter, he’s going to need his own channel”

Kate Hudson: “Someone give Kate a cookie: I know the mags said she was fat 3 years ago, but jeez”

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger: “both seeing the same plastic surgeon for frequent facelift discounts”

Billy Crystal: “His face looks like it was ironed – and I swear I can still see the scorch marks”

Dustin Hoffman: “Remember when (he) was funny?  Before Botox froze his features”

John Travolta’s: “triple chin”